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High performance monitoring of financial market data feeds


Rapidly detecting degradation in the quality of real-time market data feeds is a complex task requiring sophisticated tools. Organizations have traditionally relied on tough-to-maintain proprietary solutions, costly transaction monitoring tools, or worse yet, technologies lacking proper error correction mechanisms. The result: slow decision making, long fault repair times, expensive processes, and poor communication between application and network operations teams.

Ixia TradeView is a unique network monitoring tool designed to track real-time market data feeds. Easy to deploy, it instantly detects multicast sequence gaps and microbursts, and it contains built-in decoders for high-performance monitoring of more than 300 Exchange feeds. At nearly half the price of competing server-based solutions, TradeView delivers a low total cost of ownership while eliminating the need for expensive in-house multicast gap tools. Fast fault detection capabilities also ensure high-speed resolution of Exchange feed problems.

Key features

  • Monitors four 10Gbps network lines at full-line rate
  • Provides traffic statistics resolution down to 0.1 millisecond
  • Offers channel health alerting
  • Ensures microburst detection
  • Boasts a small 1U form factor
  • Delivers quick and easy updating of feed decoder software