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Vision 5288

A high-density 10G/40G/100G network monitoring switch


As network data explodes, organizations face unprecedented pressure to provide continuous availability and combat security threats while also maximizing the value of existing monitors and security tools. Virtualization and server technologies have made 10GE commonplace in large enterprise data centers, and it is only a matter of time before 40GE and 100GE become pervasive. Whether you are upgrading your network, trying to maximize the life and value of your tools investments, or struggling to deliver expected business outcomes, it is a true challenge to oversee and run effective network operations today.

The Ixia Vision 5288 helps organizations balance the twin tasks of providing high availability and security and optimizing the value of current monitoring tools. Available with 64 10GE ports, 16 40GE ports, or 4 100GE ports in a compact 2U form factor, the Ixia Vision 5288 aggregates data from multiple points in a network.

Large and growing enterprises are the ideal environment for the Ixia Vision 5288. Not only does this high-density solution deliver critical network traffic to the essential monitoring tools, it also ensures high availability with redundant management ports, power supplies, and fan trays—perfect for enterprise data centers with burgeoning bandwidth requirements. A drag-and-drop control panel makes it easy to handle changes in monitoring requirements and to load balance traffic to tools only the (filtered) data needed by that specific tool. This enables prolonged tool life, greater productivity, and higher return on your network investments.

Key features

  • Provides 1GE, 10GE, 40GE, 100GE support
  • Designed for high availability with redundant management ports, power supplies and fan trays
  • Delivers a ZERO-loss packet processingIncludes centralized filter templates and custom dynamic filtering
  • With PacketStack capabilities, offers burst protection, packet deduplication, and trimming