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The All-in-one Solution for Network Troubleshooting

Network tools that make troubleshooting easier for admins

Overview of the Allegro Analysis Modules

Measurement of TCP packets and TCP statistics

Analysing Network Traffic: Overview and Detailed Analysis

Real-time Analysis - Analyse L2-L7 Without Waiting Time

VLAN Monitoring: Detailed Statistics on all VLANs That Occur

PTP Monitoring: Analysis of all Parameters in a PTP Network

SIP Analysis: SIP Monitoring and Targeted Error Analysis

Allegro Network Multimeter in 5 Minutes


Allegro Packets Full Overview

Find the right system size for your needs.

Allegro 200

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Allegro 500

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Allegro 1000

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Allegro x300

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Allegro x400

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Allegro x500

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Allegro 800

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Allegro 3000

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Network Analysis and Troubleshooting

Detect errors and problems in a network with just a few clicks. Get more information on how a system administrator can benefit from the Allegro Network Multimeter.

Monitor Layers 2-7 to 200 GBit/s in Real-Time

Whether burst or VoIP analysis, VLAN, PTP or subsequent pcap extraction. Here you get an overview of the Web interface with its extensive analysis modules.

Product Overview

Our troubleshooting tool is available in various system sizes, from the virtual edition, the Allegro 200 access model right up to the high-end version, the Allegro 5500. Whether office or data centre - you can find the right system size for your needs.

Full Appliance Overview