Wi-Fi Site Surveys & Consultancy

Wi-Fi Site Surveys are the key tool in analysing the performance of your network, helping to diagnose your issues and measure our success fixing your Wi-Fi issues


A wireless site survey is essential to the planning and design phase, prior to the installation of a wireless network in your premises or location.

There are different types of WiFi site surveys, but the general factors considered in each survey include your premises size, the required coverage, the number of devices accessing the network (capacity), your current infrastructure, interference, and the construction of the building.


Existing network issues fault-finding

We’ll diagnose any issues with your existing network traffic and network capabilities.

Application priorities

We’ll ensure that your vital services, software and apps run without any issues, designing your network from the ground up with this in mind.

Suitability of current infrastructure

We’ll inspect and test your existing infrastructure to ensure it’s fit for purpose, and scalable for your business needs.

Required coverage

We’ll analyse your existing coverage, to ensure you can get connected wherever, and whenever you need to.

We guarantee we’ll fix any Wi-Fi problem you’re experiencing.


We’ll design a bespoke network for you

Our experienced engineers will carry out a wireless survey or network analysis, which will identify any potential sources of interference, or any specific venue obstacles which may be affecting your WiFi coverage. We’ll look at all aspects of your building design and network design, and check the type of internet connection currently used at your site.

You’ll receive a full report, which will outline any work required to maximise your network coverage.

We guarantee coverage

We guarantee coverage to even the smallest handheld devices, if the network is installed to the specification detailed in our survey report.

Whether it’s high network congestion, building material, or local interference affecting your signal levels, our engineers will design your network to overcome any identified issues

We can optimise your existing network

Our engineers will offer advice on equipment, to help you optimise your network. We have a wealth of experience building and maintaining high performing networks, and can provide consultancy on Cisco, Ruckus, Aerohive, Meru, Xirrus, Aruba, Ubiquiti and many more equipment providers.

We are experts in working with latency-sensitive applications like VoIP and video, and consult on prioritisation and network topology.


We specialise in three different survey types: a predictive model WiFi survey, a pre-deployment onsite WiFi survey, and a post-deployment or fault-finding WiFi survey. The type of survey you’ll have depends on whether you have an existing network and your requirements; we can advise which survey meets your needs.


The health check or fault-finding WiFi survey is conducted on sites where a wireless network has already been installed (whether by us, or by anyone else).

This survey type is usually used where a specific issue has already been identified, such as slow video calls or voice-over WiFi (VoWiFi), deadspots or throughput issues. Our engineers will visit your site to fault-find and check your wireless network is functioning as intended.

We recommend this survey type is carried out on a regular basis to prevent any long-term issue with your wireless signal or network.


Though the predictive model WiFi survey can give a reliable estimate of your site’s requirements, the pre-deployment WiFi survey is based onsite, in order for us to gather a comprehensive understanding of your site’s requirements.

One of our engineers will visit your site to conduct a AP (Access Point) on-a-stick survey. The AP takes measurements to determine the wireless coverage area, signal strengths, and any sources of interference.


This survey is carried out virtually, and relies on high-quality building plans, which enable us to assess your requirements.

Working with CAD drawings of your building, we’ll use software to build up a 3D model, setting the floor and wall materials to provide an accurate virtual picture of your site.

This survey type provides a quick and cost-effective estimate of your site requirements, and causes minimal disruption to your business. However, it can’t account for onsite issues such as cabling paths, or local interference sources.